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    Эстетическая медицина

    dr Robert Burdach

    Graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry, Medical University of Białystok. Linked to the clinic since 2016. He completed numerous courses in aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing such as the application of dermal fillers, needle mesotherapy, face skin biorevitalisation and injection lipolysis. He constantly raises his qualifications by participating in training, scientific conferences and conventions. He took part in the Aesthetics European Expert Summit, Amsterdam 2012.

    At our centre, he will not only take care of our patients’ beautiful looks but also of their neat white smile. Performing procedures, his priorities are professionalism, efficacy, safety and comfort of patients. As a dentist and orthodontist with long experience, he can easily make patients aware of the important role of a healthy and neat smile in the ideals of beauty. Cosmetic dentistry he practices is a crucial element of the entire patient care at the aesthetic medicine surgery.


    Our services:

    • medical peel 1 treatment: PLN 250
    • botulinum toxin 1 area: PLN 300
    • botulinum toxin 2 areas: PLN 500
    • botulinum toxin 3 areas: PLN 700
    • bruxism treatment: PLN 1,000
    • hyaluronic acid 1 ampoule: PLN 1,000
    • volumetry 2 ampoules: PLN 1,600
    • hyperhidrosis treatment: PLN 1,200
    • platelet-rich plasma, face: PLN 1,000
    • platelet-rich plasma, face+neck: PLN 1,200
    • platelet-rich plasma, face+neck+shoulders: PLN 1,600
    • platelet-rich plasma, scalp: PLN 1,600
    • micro needle mesotherapy 1 area: PLN 300
    • micro needle mesotherapy eyes: PLN 160
    • cytocare S-line, 3 treatments: PLN 300
    • fat dissolving, chin: PLN 280
    • fat dissolving, abdomen: PLN 350


    The treatments are performed at the branches: Jasień and Przymorze by Dr Robert Burdach, aesthetic medicine doctor, dentist and orthodontist.



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