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    Цифровая радиологическая диагностика

    The Euro Dent X-ray laboratory with modern dentist’s surgeries



    • Morena ul. Marusarzówny 2: panoramic and cephalometric radiographs
    • Przymorze ul. Kołobrzeska 39F: intraoral, panoramic and cephalometric radiographs, computed tomography
    • Jasień ul. Jabłoniowa 20, Suite 9: intraoral, panoramic and cephalometric radiographs, computed tomography
    • Chełm ul. Chałubińskiego 24: intraoral, panoramic and cephalometric radiographs


    X-ray apparatus for panoramic radiographs: Orthoralix 9200 AEC Gendex
    with automatic exposure control, a high-frequency generator reducing the dose absorbed by the patient by 255 compared to conventional apparatuses (true DC unit).

    The apparatus produces:


    • panoramic radiographs for adults
    • panoramic radiographs for children (radiation dose by 40% lower than in an adult)
    • partial panoramic radiographs (split into 3 vertical sectors)
    • X-ray of temporomandibular joints open and closed mouth positions
    • X-ray of maxillary sinuses
    • cephalometric radiographs for orthodontists
    • In addition, we take intraoral X-rays of particular teeth using intraoral radiography apparatus 765 DC Gendex and by digital radiovisiography.

    A radiological examination is the basic additional test in dentistry which allows for correct diagnosis and proper treatment planning.

    Digital radiovisiography is a set of apparatuses used to get an X-ray within seconds on an LCD, which is a simple method that is also safe for the patient. Special software allows us to measure the length of root canals and measure and check bone density. An X-ray dose which is necessary to take the image was reduced ten times compared to plate X-ray.







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