TRIOS scanner

TRIOS® cutting-edge scanning technology

High-quality clinical effects
Patients love this innovative method


  • no discomfort caused by inconvenient intraoral impressions with the use of dental material on metal trays;
  • a fast method without the impression material or bite wax in the mouth;
  • shorter chair-times;
  • fewer prosthesis fittings;
  • high-quality reproduction of a prosthesis without errors due to impressions and without retakes;
  • highest-quality prosthetic work, veneers, crowns, bridges and implant fillings with minimum grinding.


A system for scanning, configuring and electronic dispatch to the laboratory eliminates errors and ideally corrects the grinding quality. Prosthetic impressions for crowns on implants might be particularly inconvenient for the patient: the TRIOS® scanning system with special scan body recorders for implant location eliminates impressions and simplifies the implant and prosthetic procedure.