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    We offer two-system whitening using the Beyond lamp. After the procedure, you will receive free of charge trays with a whitening gel to be used at home. Beyond system teeth whitening is one of the most popular methods in the world. Over a million of patients have benefited from this method. The lamp has the most advanced filtering system available currently on the market. Owing to the use of “cold light”, the procedure is performed once and does not cause any side effects. The kit includes a special whitening agent which is activated by light with a wave length of 480 to 520 nanometres emitted by the accelerator. Light is filtered through over 1,200 fibre-optic cables. The thirty-minute procedure immediately oxidises 16 or more teeth restoring the natural white. In addition, to reinforce the effect, the patient can use trays with the whitening gel.



    The whitening results with the lamp are by 30% better than in tray whitening and produce a considerably better effect than similar systems. The Beyond system procedure is performed once, without any irritation or side effects. After the whitening with the lamp, the patient receives a whitening kit to take home with two whitening trays and a special gel to be used overnight.


    How much whitened will my teeth be?

    Studies show that following the Beyond system whitening teeth become 1 to 5 shades lighter (acc. to the Vita scale). Results depend on the intensity of teeth discolouration. However, the final guaranteed result will be shiny white teeth.

    How long will the whitening effect last?

    This depends on individual predisposition and dietary patterns; however, the effect will usually last for up to 2 years.

    How long is the Beyond system procedure?

    The whitening procedure takes up to one hour. Discolouration that has developed throughout the years will disappear after the procedure.


    Biostimulating laser


    Litemedics is an advanced diode laser with a power of 12 W.

    The laser works perfectly in teeth whitening.

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