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    Joy of a recovered smile


    The aim of dental prosthetics is to restore lost or severely damaged teeth and improve the aesthetic of the existing teeth.
    Thanks to the offered methods of prosthetic treatment, we guarantee the aesthetic correction of the shape and colour of the teeth. The technology of computer-aided design and execution of prosthetic works CAD/CAM enables a perfect reconstruction of the natural shape of the tooth.

    Thanks to this technique and the highest quality materials: porcelain or zirconium, we can achieve a perfect and very durable aesthetic effect.


    We offer a range of prosthetic treatment options and a team of excellent specialists. We prepare individual treatment plans for our Patients.


    Possible solutions:


    • Prosthetic crowns: permanent prosthetic fillings restoring a significant loss of the natural crown of the tooth
    • Prosthetic bridges: filling aiming at restoring a gap in the dental arch
    • Porcelain veneers: improve the shape and colour of natural teeth
    • Veneers without grinding: a non-invasive way to improve the shape and colour of teeth
    • Post and core: allow for permanent tooth reconstruction
    • Dentures: replace a larger number of missing teeth


    We guarantee the highest quality:


    • we work with excellent prosthodontists and implantologists
    • we use professional Kois facial arch measurements in complicated and complex
    • restorations
    • we work with the best dental laboratories and technicians
    • we have a Trishape 3D printer that allows printing of spatial models. Such a solution allows for the most accurate model representations, thus, ideal matching of the crown, porcelain veneer or implant to the patient’s existing teeth.


    TRIOS scanner digital intraoral impressions

    The new TRIOS system ensures accurate representation of teeth by scanning the dental arches. It gives the ability to quickly and easily take 3D impressions in colour, eliminating the need to collect traditional impressions. Thus, the state-of-the-art system increases efficacy and precision of our work and improves the patient’s comfort. The TRIOS system allows for scanning and three-dimensional visualisation.

    The scanner facilitates prosthetic restoration, thus, ensuring maximum comfort of the Patient and perfect anatomy matching.

    Such prosthetic fillings are extremely accurate and aesthetic.

    Treatments using the scanner are performed at our branch in Przymorze on 39F Kołobrzeska Street




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