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    Paediatric dentistry

    For children
    We are not afraid of the dentist any more

    Painless anaesthesia, coloured fillings, pleasant atmosphere and awards for brave patients. The treatment of the little patient begins with an adaptation visit. Using language matching the child’s age, the dentist talks about the treatment and shows the instruments and surgery. Our priority is to make sure the child feels comfortable and safe so that the visit at the dentist leaves pleasant impression. A perfect solution for children is the application of laughing gas which calms the patient down and soothes, thus allows the dentist to efficiently and effectively perform the treatment. In addition, a very important aspect is parents’ cooperation as they support their children and make them feel safe, which is so necessary on the first contact with the dentist. Every little patient can bring their favourite story with them for their visit. Animated stories are played during the visit, which allows the patient to enjoy their time at the surgery. Little patients decide on their own on the colour of the filling to be put in by the dentist.

    Little patients at our surgeries:


    Treatment under laughing gas

    The most recent studies show that a significant number of patients feel the fear of dental treatment. Almost half of the respondents qualified to a group of moderate and great fear. The treatment of anxious patients is also a reason for stress among dentists and medical personnel, making the combat with fear the key challenge in modern dentistry. Inhalation sedation using the mixture of dinitrogen monoxide and oxygen is one of the most effective available methods for soothing patients in dentistry and other fields of interventional medicine. This method is commonly recognised and enthusiastically accepted by patients who are afraid of dental appointments. The MDM inhalation sedation system is marked by its safety, reliability and easy operation. Learn about the sedation method. The MDM inhalation sedation system was made in the US to the highest production standards meeting high European and international certificate standards.


    Diagnodent diagnostic laser

    diagnodentThe diagnostic laser allows for early caries detection. The laser sends a ray towards the tooth. Under the influence of light, a fluorescence phenomenon occurs in carious tissues; thus, we can detect caries before a loss emerges. The examination performed with the diagnostic laser allows us to prepare the patient for the ozonisation procedure: the apparatus is available at our centre.




    It is a modern computer-controlled Dental Hi Tec system used to administer dental anaesthesia painlessly. Anaesthesia is administered under the control of a microprocessor which continuously measures pressure in tissues and automatically adjusts the anaesthesia administration rate. It completely eliminates unpleasant sensations such as distension. The system allows for perfect anaesthesia around a tooth.



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