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    Dental implants

    Implant is the most state-of-the-art and at the same time the most natural solution in the absence of a tooth or teeth. It is a small, titanium screw that,
    after inserting it into the jaw bone, replaces the tooth root. On this screw,
    a porcelain or ceramic crown, that is a new tooth, is mounted. Its colour is
    computer-adapted to the shade of your natural teeth.

    The advantages of implantation:

    • the treatment is virtually painless, performed under anaesthesia
    • the risk of implant rejection is very low from 1 to 3%
    • the procedure lasts normally approx. 30 minutes
    • most contraindications for implantation are temporary or relative
    • the cost of tooth restoration by implantation is comparable to the cost of a bridge with three crowns for the same tooth

    The advantages of implants:

    •  they look like natural teeth
    • they are very practical and durable
    • they provide the same bite strength
    • they provide a permanent filling of the teeth
    • they provide the right facial features and a beautiful smile
    • they do not require grinding of the teeth in order to attach them
    • they eliminate the discomfort associated with wearing a denture
    • they are made of biocompatible materials
    • they provide high oral hygiene compared to other prosthetic solutions

    What implants we offer:


    Individual steps in the implantation process:

    • specialist consultation, panoramic radiograph and computed tomography
    • preparing a cost estimate of works and agreeing with the patient the treatment stages
    • healing all teeth and removal of dental roots that are not suitable for prosthetic use
    • implant placement
    • waiting period for the implant to grow into the bone 3 – 6 months
    • putting a healing screw in order to naturally shape the gums around the crown. The process takes about 2-3 weeks
    • placing an abutment with a crown perfectly imitating a natural tooth
    • after the treatment is completed, the patient receives instructions for post-treatment proceedings

    Treatment options using implantation:

    Why choose us:

    • we have over 25 years of clinical experience –3D imaging



    • we have performed over 6,000 implantological procedures Photos


    • we offer a lifetime warranty on ATLANTIS abutmentsWarranty

    3D imaging – a new dimension in detailed implant analysis and planning

    Tomography is the basis for planning implant treatment. The three-dimensional image allows us to get precise information about the amount of bone in the place of the planned procedure. This makes it easier to choose the right size of the implant, thanks to which the procedure is completely safe. Any risks associated with the introduction of the implant are eliminated. We avoid damage to important anatomical structures, e.g. the alveolar nerve

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