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    Cosmetic dentistry

    It combines treatment methods of various specialities to achieve a beautiful smile. Our centre focuses on cosmetic dentistry and highest-quality implantology.


    Cosmetic dentistry offers:

    • ultra-thin veneers without grinding
    • porcelain veneers, full-ceramic crowns and bridges (cercon)
    • aesthetic full-ceramic restorations (inlay, onlay, overlay)
    • gum plastic surgery (elimination of the gummy smile)
    • covering gum recession
    • teeth alignment correction with modern orthodontic appliances
    • teeth whitening


    Veneers without tooth grinding

    Veneers are made of feldspathic ceramics and are deceptively similar to the natural enamel. They are 0.1 mm thick only; thus, they perfectly fit in the tooth and do not thicken it artificially. They are an effective alternative to orthodontic therapy. The procedure is painless and produces an immediate cosmetic effect.



    • a non-invasive method which does not require tooth grinding
    • high abrasion and discolouration resistance
    • an invisible connection in the gum area between the tooth and veneer
    • a short and painless procedure




    Porcelain crowns and bridges

    Cercon is an innovative prosthetic solution used to make crowns and extensive full-ceramic bridges without the metal base in front and side teeth. White cercon has steel resistance.



    Porcelain veneers

    Modern and fast (two visits at the surgery), technologically advanced method improving teeth shape and colour. A porcelain veneer is a thin piece of dental porcelain which is bonded (veneer cementing system) to the frontal, i.e. outer, tooth surface after the tooth is prepared. The method requires minimum tooth preparation which is carried out under local anaesthesia so that the veneer receives its individual adhesion range. It is a very important advantage of this treatment method, saving the hard tissues of a tooth.

    Porcelain veneers are extremely durable; they allow for the best aesthetic effect imitating the beauty of a natural tooth. Porcelain is a biocompatible material which is human body friendly and well-tolerated by the oral mucosa.

    Unchanging colour and shape determining the therapeutic success, accurate imitation of nature, comfort of making and using are the features speaking for this method.



    Digital tooth colour matching

    Spectroshade is the most technologically advanced system in the world which measures the colour of the tooth enamel to perfectly choose the colours of prosthetic restorations. It offers a scientific colour analysis, taking into account saturation and transparency. Thus, we can ideally match the colour of a porcelain crown.

    Digital intraoral impressions

    The TRIOS system ensures accurate representation of teeth by scanning the dental arches. Therefore, 3D impressions can be taken quickly and easily, eliminating traditional methods. Thus, we increase efficacy and precision of our work and improve patient’s comfort. The system allows for three-dimensional visualisation. Such prosthetic fillings are extremely accurate and aesthetic. The scanner is used for procedures in the Przymorze branch.


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