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    Conservative dentistry

    Systematic dental check-ups are a must if you want to have a beautiful and healthy smile. Therefore, we encourage you to take systematic teeth check-ups; thus, you will avoid time-consuming and costly treatments in the future.


    Conservative dentistry is the treatment of damaged teeth caused mainly due to dental caries. The dentist removes the diseased tooth tissue (applies drilling) and puts in a filling of a composite material.

    Depending on the size of the tooth damage, apart from standard methods, we offer:

    Artistic fillings: the most aesthetic fillings for extremely demanding patients;

    Icon: a technique which allows us to painlessly treat discolouration on teeth, known as white stains, which results from the enamel being attacked by cariogenic bacteria. It can be used to treat lesions in interdental areas as well as on the front surfaces of teeth;

    inlays and onlays: cosmetic fillings which are made by a technician at the dental laboratory, having first taken an accurate impression. These are porcelain fillings replacing a standard filling in extensive cavities in side teeth.


    • they are very durable and abrasion-resistant
    • they imitate a natural tooth
    • they do not discolour
    • they do not change their shape or size
    • they strengthen the tooth structure
    • they are extremely aesthetic

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