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The offer includes:

  • implants
  • feldspar veneers
  • porcelain bridges on metal
  • CERCON full-ceramic bridges
  • porcelain crowns on metal
  • CERCON full-ceramic crowns: a very aesthetic solution, without the metal base
  • combined dentures on clasps
  • thermoplastic non-clasp dentures: very thin, fitting in ideally
  • acrylic full dentures in toothless patients
  • acrylic implant-supported full dentures (known as overdentures)
  • frame dentures on clasps; non-clasp solutions
  • frame dentures made on telescopic crowns or on a bar
  • full dentures with ball clasps or reinforcement mesh
  • zx27 porcelain bridges on a glass telescope, alternative to the implant
  • reconstruction of badly damaged vital teeth with a ¾ crown, known as porcelain or composite overlay
  • reconstruction of a missing tooth or teeth on implants, known as implant prosthodontics
  • implant-supported full mouth reconstruction using porcelain

Euro Dent guarantees highest-quality services:

  • we work with excellent prosthodontists and implantologists
  • we use professional Kois facial arch measurements in complicated and complex restorations
  • we work with the best dental laboratories and technicians
  • the Trishape 3D printer enables printing of spatial models. Such a solution allows for the most accurate model representations, thus, ideal matching of the crown, porcelain veneer or implant to the patient’s teeth.