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During the root canal therapy, we perform several X-rays. The microscope allows us to treat the most complicated cases. A tooth after a good endodontic therapy can last a very long time. We use the microscope to highly accurately clean the root canal of bacteria. Also, it is possible to effectively find any additional canals and clean obstructed or highly curved canals.

The procedures in the root canal therapy, including microscopic treatment, are performed by dentists with long experience who specialise in endodontics.

Biostimulating laser

laserLitemedics: an advanced diode laser

To ensure comfort and safety of our patients, we extend our portfolio with a series of procedures performed with a diode laser. Litemedics is a technologically advanced laser with a power of 12 W.

Litemedics can be used to safely and effectively perform surgical procedures on soft tissues. It ensures high precision, safety and efficacy at work.

It is helpful in such procedures as


  • removal of fibroma;
  • undercutting of frenula;
  • evaporation of Herpes simplex;
  • exposure of unerupted teeth;
  • exposure of implants.

laser2Owing to its special tip, its bactericidal activity rises. Thus, we can treat aphthous ulcers and periimplantitis; in addition, canals can be disinfected during the root canal therapy as well as a series of periodontal procedures can be performed.

The laser can also be used in cosmetic dentistry. It works perfectly in teeth whitening.

A healthy tooth


Abscess (infection) due to dental caries


A wide opening of the pulp cavity performed in a tooth crown


The pulp was removed, and the root canals cleaned and widened


Root canals filled and sealed with gutta-percha


Titanium anchor, fibre or cast dowel in canals: structural support


A tooth after a root canal therapy with prosthetic crown reconstruction