Welcome to our centre

We are a large dental clinic with state-of-the-art equipment and follow European standards. We started our adventure with dentistry 30 years ago. Over time, we opened more and more branches. Every new branch had more dental equipment and work stations so that everybody could benefit from highest level professional dental service. Currently, we have four high-standard clinics in the centre of Gdańsk.

We are successful for dentistry is our passion. We have predilection for work; thus, achieving best treatment effects is our priority. We are proud of our team of specialists with long experience who were trained in modern dental treatment methods. Many dentists working for Eurodent have their DM degrees and specialisations from the Medical University of Gdańsk. Our employees are continuously broadening their knowledge on courses and symposiums in Poland and abroad.

Every patient is important to us; therefore, we treat them individually and see with due diligence. We take care of the patient throughout the treatment process. The treatment is more pleasant in a comfortable setting. Our dental surgeries make the patient forget about stress. In order to reach the highest patient care standards, we regularly undertake patient satisfaction surveys. Thus, we know that around 65% of new patients come to us on previous patients’ recommendation.


Our latest special offer

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New periodontitis treatment technologies

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Feldspathic veneers

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